Baby's First Cookbook Series

Read these recipe poems to your little one and enjoy easy to make first-time food options! Shared reading leads to better literacy and builds nurturing relationships essential for cognitive, language, and social-emotional development. Introducing a series of recipe poems offering simplicity and guidance to questions first-time parents and caregivers often ask when feeding infants ~ 6-months-old. The series promotes the unique  voice of the infant as you learn what to feed your baby (and why)—including which foods to wait, or avoid.

• 6-months edition: introduces solids — BUY NOW!
• 9-months edition: explores new food textures — PREVIEW!
• 12-months edition: promotes independent eating


Why an A-Z book of recipe poems?

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Next in the series...

If you’ve read the first book in our series, we introduce starting babies on solids for the first time. As your baby continues to grow and develop at ~9 months, the importance of changing food texture is our focus. We highlight additional concepts: the importance of essential fats, finger foods and fine grasping, providing positive experiences, use of an open cup, peanut introduction, responsive feeding, and insights for the vegetarian or vegan baby.