Series: Recipes for Growing Me

Introducing a series of recipe poems that offer simplicity and guidance to questions first-time parents and caregivers often ask when feeding infants starting around 6-months-old. The 3-book series promotes the unique  voice of the infant as you learn what to feed your baby (and why)—including which foods to wait, or avoid.

Read these recipe poems to your little one and enjoy easy to make first-time food options! Shared reading leads to better literacy as babies start to recognize objects as early as 6-weeks to 3-months-old. Reading with our babies builds nurturing relationships essential for cognitive, language, and social-emotional development. Read more...

• 6-months edition now available!
• 9-months edition: explores new food textures
• 12-months edition: promotes independence and healthy food routines


Why an A-Z book of recipe poems?

Paperback + eBooks now available