Lunchbox Cards – Assorted Set of 10

From the Recipes for Growing Me ~6 months book—put a smile on a child’s face (and love in their tummies) when they open their lunchbox to find one of these ‘funtastic’ cards! P.S. They’re not just for kids! 

Assorted Set of 10 cards:
You’re the apple of my eye
I’m bananas about you
Be the best you can bee today
Shine your brightest
Have an eggsciting morning
Be grapeful today
Don’t worry be happea
Orange you glad it’s Friday?
You’re a peach
I love you berry berry much

     Product Details
    • Collection: Recipes for Growing Me ~6 months
    • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 in
    • Language: English

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